Education and Training

We devote much of our attention to education of students and young researchers to ensure long term continuity of the research and a natural exchange of scientific teams at the Institute. A number of graduate and postgraduate students work at our departments on their diploma and PhD theses (see Table below). Our scientists also participate in the curriculum "Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Fusion", introduced by the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Enginnering of the Czech Technical University as of the school year 2006/07.

Co-acreditation for postgraduate curriculums (PC)
University, faculty PC Field/Branch
CTU, FNSPEAplication of natural sciencesPhysical engineering
CTU, FEE Electrotechnics & informatics Physics of plasma
CTU, FEE Electrotechnics & informatics Electrotechnology and materials
CU, FMP Physics Physics of plasma & ionized enviroments
CTU, FME Mechanical Engineering Materials engineering

Some of our educational activities reach beyond the national scope. In 2003, the first "Summer Training Course" on the CASTOR tokamak was organized, aiming to provide students and young researchers from all over the Europe the possibility to learn about practical problems during the tokamak operation in hands-on experiments. The "SUMTRAIC" course was then organized yearly until 2006, when the CASTOR tokamak was dismantled, to be replaced by a more advanced COMPASS tokamak. As soon as the COMPASS tokamak was put in operation (2009), the tradition of this summer course was renewed. SUMTRAIC 2009 was attended by 13 students from the Czech Republic and abroad. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, the number of participants was 14, 12 and 15, respectively. Because of the experimental character of this course, the number of participants cannot be signifficantly increased, and we are considering to organize two runs of the course each year instead.

A similar course for Erasmus Mundus Master students ("EMTRAIC") was organized in 2012 for the first time as well.